Luxury Homes Waco Texas

Premium Luxury Homes: The Texas Professional Builders Way

Family owned with over two decades of fine homebuilding experience, Texas Professional Builders are the custom home builders Waco depends on for premium luxury homes.
Our award-winning new homes are known for superior quality and workmanship, each reflecting pride, tradition and our long-standing reputation as Waco’s premiere custom home builders.

Luxury Homes Waco Texas

Uncompromising home builders. We believe in attention to detail on every aspect of the home building process, from drawing up plans for your family’s unique masterpiece to the final move-in day. At Texas Professional Builders, we don’t rest until your new home is everything you dreamed it would be.

Home Builders Waco Texas

New home craftsmanship. Our top priority is building truly beautiful homes that will last for years of family enjoyment. This means that only the best and highest-skilled craftsmen become part of our team. We firmly stand behind our product and its durability with an outstanding warranty you can count on.

New Homes Waco Texas

A passion for excellence. Among full-service new home builders in the Waco area, Texas Professional Builders stands alone. Matching your new home to your unique desires and personality is our passion, and we do it with honesty, integrity and reliability. We bring excellence to your luxury home building experience.

Texas Professional BuildersTexas Professional Builders Central Texas: Delivering New Homes with Quality and Elegance

When you’re ready to build a home, remember our specialty is providing a friendly, stress-free home building process based on an open, honest dialogue from start to finish.


Our full design capabilities make it easy to breathe life into your dream home, from drawing and drafting to personalized interior and exterior design services.


Best of all, when you build a house with us you can have confidence knowing that Texas Professional Builders has the financial stability to be there for you and your family years into the future.


Let us transform your fondest visions into a reality you can be proud to call your very own.


Build On Your Lot With The Best Builders In Waco

When you’re thinking about building a house, in particular building a new home, it’s important to find a builder who knows that if you wanted a cookie-cutter model home, you’d be buying a new home “off the rack,” so to speak. Custom builders need to be just that — custom; they shouldn’t be in the business of building houses that look and feel just like everything else on the block.


We’ve been custom home builders in Waco, Texas for a long time, and we’ve been building homes for people with their own unique vision on what a new home should be like — from people who simply want to break the mold to those with particular needs traditional luxury home builders just haven’t thought of. Many of our residential construction clients tell us they didn’t set out with the idea of building a home with custom homes builders at all — they began wanting to simply buy homes that were already on the market.


But when you start looking around at new home construction and new homes for sale, you start to see many Waco builders — even some who bill themselves as custom homes builders, Waco Texas — are making essentially the same “custom luxury homes” as everyone else. Indeed, many new home builders in Waco Texas are trying to match whatever they see is selling in the new homes guide.


Custom Home Builders In Waco, Texas

Custom built homes should be custom. But that doesn’t mean every client needs to be a custom home expert on their own. As experienced home builders in Waco, we’ve put together a custom home building design team that’s second to none; you’d be hard pressed to find new home builders with more experience in Waco construction.


That means our clients know they can lean on us to help them through the home construction details while they stay focused on the “big picture” specifics that brought them to luxury custom home builders like us in the first place. We truly believe house building should be fun, so we work to keep all your ducks lined up so you can really enjoy the best parts of creating luxury custom homes from the ground up — putting your dreams to paper, and then bringing them to life on the ground.


New Home Builders Waco Texas Can Be Proud Of

Part of what we bring to our clients — both new and returning — is a reputation for excellence that has made us one of the most trusted Waco Texas new home builders in the business. That reputation was built — like our Waco Texas new construction homes — from the ground up, with a focus on delivering the highest quality end product while keeping our focus on the satisfaction of our customers during the entire home building process.


Among luxury homes for sale, you’ll see a lot of different ideas of what it truly means to have “master builders” helping on the project. There are a lot of Waco, TX new construction homes that are beautiful to look at, but home builders’ custom ideas need to translate into workable, usable spaces; one of the hallmarks of our service model is to view each new build as an opportunity to not only rethink what Waco custom home builders have done before and re-use ideas that have worked well, but also find ways new construction homes can build on what’s been done before and make it better.


Homebuilders Who Listen

We want our clients to build a home with us because they are confident we can not just build what they’ve thought up, but also help with what they might not have fleshed out in their minds yet. Our collaborative process is unique among Waco TX new home builders, in that it’s set up to allow the design process to flow organically between the client and our expert house builders. We’ve been in Waco construction for a long time, and we’ve noticed that the new houses for sale that were custom built only a few years earlier that are suddenly on the market tend to have been done by Waco Texas home builders who didn’t really listen to their clients, or who built “custom” homes that didn’t feel special.


If a client isn’t happy with their custom home, you’re going to see a home sale sooner rather than later. New builders homes that didn’t live up to the promise of “custom” turn over quickly. Our goal is to be the Waco home builders that help you create the home of your dreams — a newhouse you’re going to enjoy for years to come.


Design Driven By Clients — Not New Home Sales

A lot of Waco TX home builders are tempted to build home that look like what’s hot on the market at the moment — and new builders homes should certainly reflect some aspect of current trends. But we know that Waco new construction homes can’t just be “more of the same”; if you’re in the market for a custom home builder, you’re not a trend follower, but in some sense a trend maker. We’ve got the experience in luxury homes you’re looking for, and we’ll build a timeless masterpiece on your lot — a new home that you can be proud of.


Luxury Homes Second To None

We have become custom home builders because we care about making new homes that stand out from the pack. We’re proud of our commitment to service to our clients, and we’re proud of the work we’ve done and look forward to the work we have yet to do. Each new custom luxury home is an opportunity to create a new home even better than the last, and our clients will always know they’ve been part of a process that is unlike any other in the Waco are.


When you’re ready to embark on your new homes’ creation process, give us a call and we’ll show you why we’re the home builders to bring your luxury homes’ best ideas to life!

Waco's premiere custom home builders, Texas Professional Builders is family owned with over 2 decades of fine homebuilding experience. New homes with quality and style.
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